Permanent members of staff

Romain Collaud

Graphic + UX/UI Design

Lara Défayes

Multimedia Design

Cédric Duchêne

Electronics & Systems Engineering

Béatrice Durandard

Product Design

Emily Groves

Coordination + Experience Design

Nicolas Henchoz

Program Director

Gabriel Luthier

Software Engineering

Delphine Ribes


Andrea Schneider

UX Psychology


Those who have contributed to the programme for workshops, courses and critiques

Andreas Sonderegger, Ergonomics & Evaluation Methods
Alain Bellet, Media and Interaction Design
Guillaume Bonnier, Engineering
Tommaso Colombo, Experience Design
Dieter Dietz, Architecture
Rama Gheerawo, Inclusive Design
Frédéric Kaplan, Digital Humanities
Andreas Koller, Interaction Design
Chris McGinley, Inclusive Design
Rudi Nieven, Architecture
David Roulin, Engineering
Susanne Schneider, Product Design
Chi-Long Trieu, Graphic Design
Ece Ozdil, Cultural Heritage
Jean-Stéphane Szijarto, Project Management
Ruben Valdez, Architecture and Design Research
Pascal Wicht, Strategic Design Innovation

MAS Candidates and Alumni