During this studio project, the six MAS students explored the potential of Augmented Reality. They wanted to question what devices could be used, what could be recognised and what feedback could be given. Maintaining the idea that we will add a digital layer to the analogue world, they asked the questions; What can AR tell us? What can AR make us feel? How can AR change our understanding of the world? We named the project Augmented Augmented Reality and each of us six students followed our own paths of exploration, eventually resulting in six diverse projects.

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Type: Studio Project
Year: 2019


MAS Research Assistants: Margaux Charvolin, Yoann Douillet, Emily Groves, Hélène Portier, Pierre-Xavier Puissant, Elise Migraine
Project Leads: Romain Collaud and Lara Défayes
Guest Critic: Pascal Wicht
Development support: Delphine Ribes and Yves Kalberer

Urban Drifts. Pierre-Xavier Puissant/ EPFL+ECAL Lab

BeAts. Margaux Charvolin/ EPFL+ECAL Lab

Tiki Apéro. Emily Groves / EPFL+ECAL Lab

Messing with Meditation. Yoann Douillet / EPFL+ECAL Lab

Random Access Memories. Hélène Portier / EPFL+ECAL Lab

Lines and Circles in Space. Elise Migraine / EPFL+ECAL Lab