Over the course of one week, three of our students took on the challenge of Data Storytelling combining data, visuals and a narrative to extract value from numbers, cultural phenomena and current affairs.

With inputs from Henrietta Ross from MA Data Visualisation at University of the Arts London, and Ilia Blinderman from The Pudding, the students created a varied collection of engaging data stories on the web.


Type: Workshop
Year: 2021


MAS Research Assistants: André Andrade, Valentin Calame, Romain Talou
Project Lead: Emily Groves
Guest Inputs: Henrietta Ross and Ilia Blinderman
Support: Marius Aeberli

Cycloterroristes.ch. André Andrade / EPFL+ECAL Lab

Conspiracy Investigations Office. Valentin Calame / EPFL+ECAL Lab

World In Your Hands. Romain Talou / EPFL+ECAL Lab