The High5 studio project challenged the MAS students to explore new virtual worlds. As with all our Studio Projects, although on a defined theme, the brief is wide enough to allow students to explore their own creative interests. As a result, over three months, the five students developed five very different outcomes, each one challenging assumptions around VR in new ways.


Type: Studio Project
Year: 2017 – 2018


MAS Research Assistants: Allison Crank, Lara Défayes, Emily Groves, Pierre-Xavier Puissant, Elise Migraine
Project Lead: Marius Aeberli
Guest Critic: Chi-Long Trieu
Development Support: Delphine Ribes and Yves Kalberer

Virtual museums and new interactions

Allison Crank turned a real place, the Museum of Bad Art, into a virtual reality museum experience. Like the artworks themselves, all paintings are shown the the best worst way possible in a museum fit for their glory. The design approach was inspired by Denise Scott Brown’s Learning from Las Vegas.

Lara Défayes was interested in rethinking gaming interactions in VR. She developed Chromaticity, a VR game in which the player uses the position of their head to match gradients of colours in space.

Playful experiments and thoughtful insights

Emily Groves created a virtual reality gin tasting guide which prompts people to identify the subtle flavours within a real sample of gin. 

Elise Migraine created a virtual horse riding experience that transports people into a colourful world and takes them on the journey of their life. 

Pierre-Xavier Puissant’s Lousonna gives a voice to the diverse citizens of Lausanne, creating a multifaceted portrait of the city. Visual and narrated testimonies tell the different experiences of the population through the oral tradition of storytelling.